Saturday, August 8, 2009

Children Given One Strike: A Lifetime Without Redemption

This video deals with the issue of sentencing juveniles to life without possibility of parole (JLWOP). Pennsylvania has more juvenile lifers in its prisons than any other state in the USA.

The video features interviews with anti-JLWOP activist Anita Colón, whose brother is serving a life sentence, Philadelphia Public Defender Bradley Bridge, Esq., and Temple University Psychology Professor Dr. Laurence Steinberg.

Relying on reasoning such as that invoked by the United States Supreme Court in outlawing the death penalty for juveniles, Colón and Bridge urge citizens to contact their elected officials about changing the law.

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Anonymous said...

Little Kid, Life Sentence -- Pennsylvania has more juvenile lifers than any other state in the union. Stacey Torrance knows. He's been in jail since he was 14.

--From Philadelphia City paper, featuring Anita Colon: