Monday, May 5, 2008

Abolish Life Without Parole Sentence for Children in the USA - Google Group

If you would like to join an e-mail group to receive updates about Michigan House Bills 4402-4405 whenever they are released please visit the group and join it. The group's URL is

By becoming a member you will also be able to access past e-mail threads that remain on the group's page. You can also help us add relevant resource material to the group's page for people to access and share by sending us links to the information for us to post.

There is a serious need to educate supporters who are seeking to abolish LWOP sentences for children. They need to have as much information at their disposal to use. Working to equip them with these resources is important for all of us.

The more supporter e-mail addresses we can have become a part of the Google Group the more people we can educate, the further we can broaden our influence, and the more support we can garner.

Please send a link to this blog post to everyone you know who supports the campaign to abolish LWOP sentence for children and ask them to do the same.

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